By Noah Kaufman
Updated February 02, 2015
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If you Instagram your food, you probably know that the most potent like-bait in existence is a runny yolk. That's probably why the hard-boiled egg is decidedly out of fashion. Does this venerable egg style need a makeover? Enter Egg-A-Matic: A silicone mold that will transform your hard-boiled egg into the cute, cartoony chicken you'd like to imagine it came from.

Setting aside for a moment the slightly macabre idea that you are turning an egg into the chicken it never got to be, the hard-boiled chicks are pretty delightful. And according to the description (which is full of just as many eggscruciating puns as you’d expect), each mold comes with “two sets of plastic feet so your chicks can stand up on their own.”

For anyone who wants to start molding eggs immediately, the Egg-A-Matic costs $9 from Fred and Friends.

The chicks might not turn real Benedict stalwarts, but they at least give hard-boiled eggs a fighting chance.

Also, all those lonely cat marshmallows you bought last month will finally have some company.