British Woman Breaks World Record for Most Chicken McNuggets Eaten in One Minute

Leah Shutkever already held the record for most McDonald's nuggets eaten in three minutes.

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets
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Our ancestors had it rough: They could be neither professional competitive eaters nor Instagram models. But in 2022, you can be both — which will also earn you the chance to star in a YouTube video from Guinness World Records breaking the mark for most McDonald's Chicken McNuggets eaten in one minute. What a time to be alive!

Leah Shutkever currently claims to hold 27 official World Record titles for eating, including fastest time to eat three mince pies, fastest time to eat three pickled eggs, and most marshmallows eaten in one minute without using your hands. Additionally, the British pro-eater has racked up over 174,000 Instagram followers, posting food-related photos and videos with the glamor you might expect from a social media model.

Among her many titles, Shutkever has also held the record for most chicken nuggets eaten in three minutes since 2020, and so attempting to claim the one minute McNugget record seemed like a sensible choice. As you can see in the video below, though she failed to eat an entire 20-piece box in one minute, she was able to easily down 19 nuggs which, weight-wise, came to 352 grams (or 12.42 ounces). That was enough to beat the previous record of 315 grams.

"When you set goals and achieve them, your confidence grows and I think that was just a massive turning point in my life," said Shutkever who began competitive eating in 2013 at the age of 23, inspired by a challenge from her brother.

Meanwhile, the record for most McNuggets in a minute is apparently hotly contested. Before Shutkever's most recent claim to the throne, the record had also been held by another competitive eater and model, Nela Zisser from New Zealand. That sounds like a face-off made for social media.

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