Credit: © Angela George of By George

Could any food invention be more American—or at least sound more American—than the chicken-fried steak? All hail the brilliant human who decided that steak needed to be even more indulgent. But these days it’s a comfort food classic, which is why at Sissy’s Southern Kitchen & Bar in Dallas, Texas, chef-owner Lisa Garza-Selcer opted for a chicken-fried steak sandwich.

“Believe it or not, Dairy Queen was the inspiration behind this sandwich,” says Garza-Selcer—the chain created a similar sandwich called “The Dude” that proved wildly popular—“especially the decision to serve it with a side of our cream gravy as dipping sauce.”

The bread: A French roll from Gambino’s, one of the classic New Orleans po’ boy bread purveyors.

The filling: The flatiron steak gets a dry, then wet dredge, using Sissy’s original spice blend, flour and tons of black pepper. Then it’s piled up on the roll with lettuce, tomato and fried-up onions, with that side of cream gravy for dippin’.