Why did the chicken cross the road? To gawk at the fried brioche doughnut glazed with maple chicken jus, stuffed with fried chicken and bacon and topped with candied pecans. That is just one of the many amazing dishes featured on F&W's Instagram over the last few days as part of Chicken Week. In fact, there's been so much happening on the platform of late that we felt it called for a song. (For more bad #chickenjokes, go to Twitter.)

To the tune of "My Favorite Things:"

♫ Brunch Bloody Marys and tiny fried fishes,

Braised lamb posole and Chicken Week dishes,

Chocolate chip cookies tied up with string... You get the idea.

Other highlights: Director of photography Fredrika Stjärne (@thirdness) showed us how to take advantage of this fantastic tomato season, while @jksterling sampled some winter-weight Tibetan momo chicken soup dumplings on a food-finding expedition to Jackson Heights, Queens.

The end of August saw the Food & Wine team split not just seasonally but intercontinentally. Restaurant editor Kate Krader was in Scandinavia for the annual food festival MAD as publisher Christina Grdovic @grdovic and others gathered for the Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival with a seemingly endless list of chefs.

Back in New York, the US Open kicked off with an impromptu Canadian-doubles match between chefs Masaharu Morimoto, David Burke and Tony Mantuano. The winner? Daisy the dog, who snuggled up at home reading her August issue of Food & Wine like all good #FWPets. Better late than never Daisy!