By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 29, 2016
© Chick-fil-A

Running a fast food restaurant isn’t easy these days; you face constant criticism for contributing to Americans’ expanding waistlines. So many chains are doing what they can to try to promote healthier lifestyles.

With that in mind, Chick-fil-A recently added a list of “Great ideas for healthier living” on the back of their bags. Fair enough, but how you present that advice is important. Specifically, you may want to avoid phrasing your first tip like this: “Kick off the New Year by adding one healthy habit to your routine. Here’s a good one: Eat smaller meals (like an 8-count pack of grilled nuggets) every three to four hours.”

Look, I get what Chick-fil-A is trying to say. Some health experts recommend eating smaller meals throughout the day and, indeed, these grilled nuggets are only 140 calories. But just because you toss something in a parenthetical doesn’t mean it can’t imply something else. And though it’s pretty clear that the chicken chain isn’t suggesting you subsist on nothing but a constant stream of chicken nuggets, I don’t think anyone would fault you for thinking it reads that way.

For instance, saying something like “Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables that are green (like marijuana)” is not strictly inaccurate or grammatically incorrect, but its credibility as health advice is nonexistent. I understand that Chick-fil-A still has products it wants to plug; I’m just saying that maybe a parenthetical isn’t the place to do it.

Unless of course living off chicken nuggets is actually a good piece of health advice. In that case, I’m all ears.