Chicago is Getting a 'Saved By The Bell' Pop-Up Diner

Photo: © NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Preppies, jocks and nerds alike have a new hangout coming to Chicago. According to NBC Chicago, a pop-up bar and diner called "Saved by the Max" is slated to open this summer in Wicker Park and will feature a menu of appropriately named items like AC Sliders, a Preppy BLT, Macaroni & Screech and Belding Fries. (Really? That's the best we could do with Mr. Belding?) Since any true SBTB fan is also most definitely of drinking age, they'll be able to enjoy some Bayside-themed cocktails at the bar.

In addition to the kitchen and bar, the pop-up will feature daily costume contests, waiters and waitresses named Max and Kelly, karaoke, and 1980s- and 1990s- themed danced parties. If you're a mega-fan looking to line up early for the June 1st opening, tough luck, as the exact location still hasn't been announced. However, the diner has official Facebook and Twitter pages where more details will be posted. Until then, we can only speculate on whether they'll be true to the entire canon by serving up Tori Tots for a week and then pretend they never existed at all.

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