By Joey Skladany
Updated October 25, 2016
© Icon Sportswire/Getty Images

It's been over 100 years since the Chicago Cubs have won the World Series, but the Curse of the Billy Goat may be broken if Windy City residents simply eat the right foods.

Thanks to the data team at Grubhub, we now know which menu items are ordered more frequently during wins than losses. And no, it's not the famous Chicago hot dog or slice of deep dish pizza.

According to their research, the three Chicago foods that get the biggest boost on winning game days: hamachi kama (yellowtail collar), creamy mac 'n cheese and black bean tacos. For Cleveland, it's shrimp tempura rolls, tuna melts and vegetable rolls.

"With Chicago and Cleveland fans nervously on edge this year, with their teams not having raised a World Series trophy since 1908 and 1948 respectively, we thought notoriously superstitious baseball fans would be interested to know which Grubhub delivery foods provided an extra bump of winning luck this season," said Kaitlyn Carl, a Grubhub spokespersn. "Better safe than sorry!"

Since both teams' fan bases will pretty much do anything to see a win (and we do mean anything), we can only imagine that these random, but lucky options will skyrocket in popularity.

We now task Grubhub to find out how much beer it takes to drown out the misery of a loss. One city's going to need it.