The “fully remastered” game now features new Chex Mix characters and an online multiplayer mode.

In 1996, Chex—of all brands—made video game history when about 6 million boxes of cereal included a CD-ROM for Chex Quest. The game—which was a non-violent, cereal-themed retooling of the popular first-person shooter Doom—has since obtained legendary status. But I don’t need to tell you any of this… in part because I told you all of it last May when General Mills finally officially released Chex Quest 3.

At the time, the cereal maker promised more big Chex Quest news—and a year later, we finally have something big to share: This week, General Mills has released an “upgraded” version of the original Chex Quest—called Chex Quest HD—for free on the gaming platform Steam, intended for nostalgic and current gamers alike.

“Fully remastered in all its original 1996 glory, Chex Quest now features modern additions, including local split-screen multiplayer mode, five new playable members of the mighty Chex Mix Squadron and high-definition graphics,” General Mills explains in the announcement. And much like the original game was intended to sell cereal, this update also has a promotional component. “Unlock new multiplayer mode and playable Chex Mix characters through unique codes found on specially marked bags of Chex Mix, Chex Mix Instagram or at,” the brand adds.

The new version was built by the original’s lead designer Chuck Jacobi, but just as fans have kept the game alive all these years, volunteers also worked alongside professionals to contribute to this release. “Working on Chex Quest has always been a fun hobby for me,” Jacobi explained. “I am grateful to all the volunteers who have been working to remaster this game for some time. It is amazing to see all of this come to life with multiplayer and new characters. The new Chex Quest definitely exceeded my expectations and I cannot wait to hear what players think once they experience the new edition firsthand.”

Good news, Chuck. They like it. Released only yesterday, the game has already generated “Very Positive” feedback on Steam with 85 percent approval from over 200 reviews. What’s not to like with new playable characters like Wheatney Chexworth (Wheat Chex), Shane “The Dread” McBread (Breadstick), NaCI-96 (Round Pretzel), Dr. O Ryen (Rye Chip) and P.R.E.T.Z.L. (Square Pretzel), “each with a unique ending and in-game dialogue?”

If you’re interested in learning more, Chex has an official website with character descriptions and a Spotify playlist of the game’s soundtrack. You can also watch a trailer for the game below: