Only for a limited time, though.

By Rebekah Lowin
March 28, 2017
© Schmatz

Pizza. Candy. Cherry blossoms. 

These are three good things. Three great things. Three of the BEST things.

Now, imagine a combination of all three. Yes, a cherry-blossom-cotton-candy pizza. Do you DARE?!

One pub in Tokyo (a German spot called Schmatz, to make things just a little more complicated) dared. And now, right as cherry blossom season begins, you can actually order this springy, thin-crust pizza at their Kanda neighborhood location.

Served with a hot honey-ginger sauce, three cheeses, and an enormous pile of cotton candy topped with — what else? — cherry blossom petals, it’s the stuff of some very, very confused, spring-themed dreams.

In true German spirit, Schmatz is also offering Sakura Schnitzel, a thin slice of breaded meat covered in sauce, fresh herbs, and some cherry blossoms.

“Reminder: Don’t miss our Spring Hanami specials!” the restaurant posted on Instagram in the caption of a photo of the dreamy dish, confirming that the pizza is, in fact, real. “Try out our Sakura Cotton Candy Pizza in Kanda. Join us in having beers amongst cherry blossoms in the restaurant this week!”

Whether or not you're into cotton candy pizza, I think we can all agree that having beers amongst cherry blossoms sounds like a dream. And that’s not all: Schmatz is adding fresh, brightly-colored sakura salads to their menu, too.

Sadly, the pizza, schnitzel, and salads are only available for a tiny window, from March 27 through April 2. So, daring eaters, there's really only one thing to do: Book your plane tickets tonight.