Guy Fieri drives a gassed-up shopping cart, plus does outer space smell like burnt steak?

Credit: RichHobson/Getty Images

Most weeks the Internet is a bevy of odd and wonderful food finds, and this week is no exception. Here are some of the viral, curious, and downright funny things we've seen popping up our feeds so far.

Chef's Toast

If you have trouble keeping up with all of Netflix's new series, like Chef's Table: Pastry, Ugly Delicious, and Nailed It, you're not alone. The streaming service is on a spree of original programming which Conan O'Brien poked fun at with his day in the life of a Netflix executive, greenlighting just about everything he sees as a new TV show. What's for breakfast? A Chef's Table riff called Chef's Toast.

The Winning Rube Goldberg Cereal Machine

Each year, the Rube Goldberg Machine Contest challenges engineering-minded students to concoct an overly-complicated solution for a simple task. This year's partner was General Mills, so the task is easy enough: pour a bowl of cereal. The winner in the college division involves playing cards, a ukulele, and three rotating stages to get the job done.

How Tiny Food Videos Are Made

Insider takes us behind the scenes of their popular tiny kitchen videos to show us how they actually film the making of those itsy-bitsy dishes that look like their life-size counterparts.

Guy Fieri and Jay Leno Drive a Shopping Cart

The hosts of Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives and Jay Leno's Garage hit the road in a recent clip from Leno's show. Guy's vehicle of choice? A suped-up shopping cart that would give anyone an unfair advantage on Supermarket Sweep.

Does Space Smell Like Burnt Steak?

Everyone's favorite astronaut, Chris Hadfield, dispels some common myths about space travel for Wired, including if space smells like burnt steak or barbecue.

A Beer Bottle Balancing Expert

Can you balance four beer bottles in a square formation? Neither can we. Can you do it atop another beer bottle? Neither can we. Can you do all that on a rickety wood frame? Neither can we. But Rocky Byun? He can.