The next installment of the Netflix series debuts this month.
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

If you find yourself hungry for food-themed TV this fall, Netflix may have just served up a dose of the dish you've been pining for. Last week, Netflix announced the slate of chefs for not just one, but two upcoming seasons of the streaming service's beautiful and immersive series Chef's Table. And if that double-drop wasn't enough, today Netflix has released the trailer for the first of those installments, season 5, which debuts later this month.

In season 5, Chef's Table focuses on four chefs whose stories all fit the overall theme of "home." They include South Philly Barbacoa's Cristina Martinez, an activist for immigration reform and an undocumented worker herself; Bo Songvisava, who brings slow-food style to traditional Thai cuisine and ingredients at her Bangkok restaurant after spending years abroad; Musa Dağdeviren cherishes and elevates the dishes of his native Turkey amid the Europeanization of his home country; and Barcelona's Albert Adrià, brother of Ferran Adrià, who is the unsung creative force behind many of El Bulli's groundbreaking dishes.

Take a look at the official trailer for Chef's Table season 5 below:

In the video, we get to see glimpses of that "home" theme as the chefs are quoted along with teases of the dishes and locales this season will visit. "I want to show Thai people that you can be proud of what you've got," Songvisava says of her country's cuisine. Meanwhile, Martinez embodies the new season's thesis succinctly, saying "I believe food has a lot of power. Through food we can find home.”

Season 6 of the Chef's Table will feature Mashama Bailey of Savannah's The Grey, Sean Brock as he puts down new roots in Nashville, Asma Khan who came to cooking her culture's cuisine as a second career, and Tuscan butcher Dario Cecchini. That season will debut sometime next year while Chef’s Table season 5 premieres Friday, September 28 on Netflix.