Netflix’s documentary series will likely feature Christina Tosi, among others.

christina tosi
Credit: Courtesy of FOX

When it comes to food television, it’s hard to beat Netflix’s award-winning documentary series Chef’s Table when it comes to sheer beauty and craft. Now, the deliciously binge-worthy program is taking on a sweeter note as it focuses a new season not on the savory but on chefs dedicated to all things pastry.

In a promotional video clip and accompanying photos posted to the Chef’s Table Instagram feed, the series may have let the cat out of the bag on which chefs will be featured this season as well. As Eater points out, the treats, tools, and tables featured in the teaser all seem to be from Christina Tosi’s Milk Bar kitchen, which likely means the cookie and cake mogul is one of the subjects of the upcoming episodes.

Tosi even took to her own Instagram to confirm the notion, saying “@milkbarstore and I are OFFICIALLY coming to @chefstablenetflix, 4/13.”

For the unfamiliar, Chef’s Table, which has had three official seasons on Netflix along with a special season focusing on the cuisine and chefs of France, is helmed by David Gelb and in each of its episodes highlights the craft, technique, and inspiration behind the dishes and the chefs who create them. So far, that has included heavy hitters such as Nancy Silverton, Francis Mallmann, Massimo Bottura, Grant Achatz, Dominique Crenn, Jeong Kwan, and Ivan Orkin.

It’s no doubt, then, that a pastry-focused season would have some of the most well-known names in dessert, however further details as to which chefs will be joining Tosi have yet to be released. Let us just put out into the world that we’re hoping to also get a glimpse inside the mind of someone like Dominique Ansel. Who makes a floating cake? Honestly!

Chef's Table: Pastry will premiere on Netflix on April 13, 2018.