Colorful, bright, mouthwatering, and like nothing you've ever seen before. 

By Elisabeth Sherman
Updated April 13, 2018
Credit: Charles Panian/Netflix

Every season of Chef’s Table promises beautiful artistry from some of the most accomplished chefs in the world. On the show, you’ll discover not just food that tastes good but that is inventive in its presentation, down to the color of the ingredients. Chef’s Table: Pastry, which was released on Netflix today, can boast perhaps the most inviting food so far—eye candy, if you will. A bright red strawberry takes its center stage in Christina Tosi’s strawberry shortcake, a rich magenta slice of dragonfruit accents a modernist creation by Will Goldfarb, a simple golden brown brioche stands in contrast to dark plum-colored granita. These delicate, yet thoughtful, creations represent the future of dessert, as well as a robust tradition of pastry making. From desserts that are deconstructed and even broken apart to more traditional dishes that have been perfected by masterful hands, Chef’s Table: Pastry takes you on a journey into the mind of chefs who are guided by a playful, exuberant nature, one rich with color, and focused on a single purpose: to bring you joy.

Here are nine of the most beautiful desserts featured in this season of Chef’s Table:

Credit: Martin Westlake

Will Goldfarb's "Day at the Beach," made with a pancetta financier, pomelo and white beer tartare, Balinese meringue, and pastry cream soda (served at Room 4 Dessert). The recipe is also featured in his new cookbook, Room for Dessert.

Room for Dessert, $40 on

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Christina Tosi's unfrosted birthday cake, pictured alongside her strawberry shortcake (served at Milk Bar).

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Corrado Assenza's granita and brioche (served at Caffé Sicilia Noto).

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Christina Tosi's crack pie.

Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

Corrado Assenza's almond cookies.

Credit: Netflix

Jordi Roca's "Orange Colourology," which you have to break apart with a spoon to eat (served at El Cellar Can de Roca).

Credit: K C Bailey/Netflix

Christina Tosi's cereal milk pannacotta.

Credit: Charles Panian/Netflix

Corrado Assenza's "Terra Nostra" made with layers pistachio and almond gelato.

Credit: Martin Westlake/Netflix

Will Goldfarb's "Red," which features watermelon ice, dragonfruit meringue, beetroot juice, and roasted tamarillo.