The animated series proves that cooking mishaps make for compelling stories.

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Credit: Courtesy of ChefsFeed / Cole Ott

ChefsFeed has brought its series of chef's tales of woe back for 2017, and released the first in a new series of episodes about even more awful things that have happened while cooking on the job. Featuring various chefs from around the country, each new installment sees a culinary expert sharing their hilarious or horrific (but always somehow relatable) tales of a shift-gone-bad. Each story is narrated by the very chef it happened to and then animated by a talented artist selected for that story. In 2017’s first two-minute installment, “Ego in an Eggshell,” Los Angeles-based chef Michael Voltaggio of ink.well recounts letting his ego get him in way over his head.

Brooklyn-based animator and illustrator Cole Ott is behind the video’s mix of bright, colorful, and rather emotive art, which brings to life Voltaggio’s stressful experience making a duck egg dish for a hotel’s New Year’s Eve event. The first time Voltaggio was tasked with leading one of the hotel’s holiday dinners, he made quite the overzealous move by choosing a dish that featured ingredients he had never worked with. After one simple thing goes wrong, it quickly becomes a more complicated domino effect that finds Voltaggio in a bind he’s not sure he can get out of.

Like last year’s episodes, which focused on one chef’s rather bloody night, one’s waffle-gone bad experience, and another’s steak crisis during a wedding weekend, “Ego in an Eggshell” shows how chefs deal with some of the toughest and most terrifying of circumstances. It also reveals how being a good cook is about more than just knowing how to make a good meal.

To see how Voltaggio made it through his shift, you’ll have to watch the episode over on the Worst Shift Ever Facebook page.