Cheez-It Now Has an Online Merch Shop with Onesies and Extra Toasty Crackers

Finally, you can wear your love of cheezy snack crackers literally on your sleeve.

We all have those guilty pleasure products that excite us a little more than they should. Maybe Kraft Mac and Cheese reminds you of childhood? Or you're a wine lover with a pseudo-ironic obsession with Franzia? So when these brands pull fun publicity stunts — whether it's mac and cheese ice cream or boxed wine backpacks — you're allowed to get legitimately amped.

Cheez-It Apron and Fanny Pack
Courtesy of Cheez-It

Personally, I've always been a Cheez-It fan — so sure, brands launching online merch shops has become a bit cliché at this point, but if it means I can score Cheez-It gear, I'm in.

This week, Cheez-It launched its self-proclaimed "first ever online store" — fittingly called — and cheese-flavored snack cracker fans are in for a treat. From clothing like socks, a beanie, and a hoodie, to drinking accessories like a can koozie, dual wine sleeves, and wine tumbler, to just for fun items like a fanny pack, apron, and fleece blanket, the online shop offers a nice array of items.

Cheez-It diehards can opt for the "Super Toasty Bundle" which tosses in a Cheez-It onesie along with the socks and blanket for $139.99.

And the site even has snacks. To celebrate the store's launch, starting at noon ET today, Cheez-It will be selling an exclusive Extra Toasty Superfan 4-Pack that includes brand new Extra Spicy, Extra Cheesy, and Cheddar Jack varieties with a box of the original version of Cheez-It's Extra Toasty crackers.

Cheez-It Extra Toasty Set
Courtesy of Cheez-It

"The Cheez-It brand is always looking for new ways to connect with fans, and through this online shopping experience we're offering consumers a new platform to enjoy everything they love about Cheez-It in a fresh, exciting way," Jordan Narducci, Kellogg's director of global direct to consumer ecommerce, said in the announcement. "This Direct-to-Consumer site gives us the opportunity to bring future food innovations to market faster than ever before, while also collecting feedback from our consumers in real time."

Feel free to splurge: Free shipping kicks in after $25 in purchases. Or hey, don't splurge. Maybe Cheez-It isn't the brand that excites you personally. Maybe you're more of a Cheetos person? That's fine. Cheetos got its own online merch shop back in November — meaning you probably already scored a Cheetos onesie. Like I said, these online shops are getting a bit out of control.

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