Cheez-It's New Sparkling Wine Pairing Comes with a Combination Coupe-Cracker Bowl

The Cheez-It x Usual Wines “So Extra” Toasty Experience is the cracker brand’s third wine-pairing package.

Diehard Cheez-It fans insist that any time is a good time for a box, even in unexpected recipes like Cheez-It s'mores or a Cheez-It birthday cake. And that includes pairing the crackers with wine, too. In 2019, the brand launched its first official "Wine & Cheez-It" pairing, combining crackers and red wine into a single box. Following the success of that limited-edition offering, Cheez-It brought it back in 2020 with a slight twist: swapping red wine and original Cheez-Its for rosé wine and the brand's White Cheddar crackers.

Cheez-It x Usual Wines So Extra Toasty Experience Bundle
Courtesy of Cheez-It

So what new spin can Cheez-It muster for 2021? Sparkling wine is a sensible next step—especially while the brand is celebrating its 100th birthday—and they announced today in a press release that they've paired this toast-worthy drink with Cheez-It's Extra Toasty variety. But that's not all: Instead of a box, Cheez-It is also releasing a new glass-meets-snack bowl combo, the one-of-a-kind Cheez-Itennial Cracker Coupe.

This Friday, September 24, Cheez-It lovers will be able to find this new Cheez-It x Usual Wines "So Extra" Toasty Experience in the Cheez-It merch shop that launched last month, The centerpiece of this "experience" is the aforementioned glassware—billed as "a bubbly coupe and cracker bowl combination for simultaneous sipping, toasting and crunching." And to make sure that bowl remains filled, customers will also be sent "an Extra Toasty Flavor Flight" featuring four varieties of Extra Toasty Cheez-Its: Original, Extra Cheesy, Extra Spicy, and Cheddar Jack. The latter three flavors are brand-new and limited edition, per the release.

Cheez-It x Usual Wines So Extra Toasty Experience Bundle
Courtesy of Cheez-It

"Following two years of Cheez-It & Wine success, both selling out in minutes, we knew we had to bring the offering back this year with an extra twist to celebrate the brand's 100th birthday," Scott Crowley, Cheez-It's brand senior director, stated. "What better way to enjoy the dynamic duo of Cheez-It and wine than with a champagne coupe and cracker bowl, all in one? We can't wait for fans to celebrate by enjoying the fan-favorite Cheez-It Extra Toasty and crisp Usual Wines Brut in this once-in-a-lifetime collectable offering."

Finally, though CheezItHQ won't be shipping out any booze, the package also includes a coupon for 20-percent off at where buyers are being encouraged to grab a bottle of Usual Brut to complete the toast experience. Usual Wines CEO Matt Dukes said that the "light and satisfying crispness of our Usual Brut is the perfect complement to Cheez-It Extra Toasty's 100-percent real cheese flavor and toasty finish."

If you want to score a cracker coupe, be prepared. Cheez-It says these packages will go on sale at on Friday at 12 p.m. ET.—and they'll only be around while supplies last. "The experience probably won't last all day," the brand writes, "so snag yours before it sells out!"

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