To keep the orange off your fingers and on your outfit.

By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 24, 2017
cheetos snackwear sound muffler
Credit: © Cheetos

Hot on the heels of the viral marketing success that was Cheetos high-end line of Christmas gifts – including a $20,000 Eye of the Cheetah ring and earring set – the snack brand appears to be trying to parlay that holiday-oriented fashion success into a line of Easter clothing and accessories (or as the company calls them “snackwear”). Though it might not be easy being cheesy, apparently Cheetos doesn’t think broadening its orange empire is particularly difficult.

For this latest foray into inedible products, Cheetos has partnered with crowdfunded clothing website Betabrand “to create Easter clothes perfect for sneakily eating Cheetos and keeping your hands clean.” If you’re left using your orange, cheese powder-covered fingers scratching your head over what that means, the theme is that all ten items are intended to help you consume Cheetos – by using tactics like concealing the snack’s crunchy sound or cleaning up the inevitable mess they make.

That ranges from things like Cheetos Snacking Squares, described as a blazer that replaces the classic pocket square with “a refillable pocket of cheese-dust cleaning napkins,” to an Easter Hiding Hat, which is obviously a flamboyant hat that has a “secret compartment for hiding Cheetos” in it. There are even “Snackspenders”: “a pair of suspenders with little pockets for storing Cheetos,” though I can only imagine loading that thing up with individual Cheetos is more trouble than it’s worth for even the most diehard of Cheetos fan.

The Parasol Pocket, Snackscot, Cheetos Lapkins Pants, Snacking Gloves, Sound Muffling Muffler, Ladies Secret Shoulder Sweetos Stasher and Snack Stasher Dress round out the rest of the ten concepts. And if you can’t almost immediately guess what each of those do based on the name, you’re clearly having trouble following the concept.

cheetos snackwear pants
Credit: © Cheetos

Though none of the items are actually for sale right now, according to People, the plan is that Cheetos fans are supposed to vote on their favorites and the winners will go on to become Betabrand crowdfunding projects which could then go into actual production. Yes, the process is a bit more complicated than throwing down a cool 20K for a ring and earring set, but hopefully the results will be a bit less pricey – even if they might be cheesier.