USA Curling’s CEO has called the lesser-known sport’s new partnership with the snack brand “historic.”

When it comes to sports sponsorships, apparently the big four of baseball, football, basketball and hockey are a bit passé. With the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, coming up in February, instead, everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon for… curling?

Okay, saying that curling is getting more attention that the NFL is a bit of an exaggeration, but two curling stories in one month is certainly huge by curling standards. Earlier in October, we learned that the sport where players slide stones towards a target on a long stretch of ice got its own beer. And now, USA Curling just got an even bigger sponsor – Cheetos!

To be fair, in announcing its partnership, Cheetos specifically cites curling’s lack of popularity – going so far to call it “one of America’s least participated in sports.”

“While our most coveted sporting events attract national broadcast attention and home field audiences by the tens of thousands, others have yet to reach those levels of notoriety,” the snack brand says in a press release. “That's why Cheetos … the expert in (cheese) curls, is shining a spotlight on another kind of curl, the sport of curling.” Hey, if a pun-related tie-in is the best curling can get, they might as well take it!

To help raise curling awareness, Cheetos has also teamed up with NFL tight end Vernon Davis – an admitted curling fan and casual participant – to encourage Americans to follow USA Curling’s quest for Winter Olympic gold by using the hashtag “#DoTheCurl.” “All fall and winter long, newly energized curling fans can follow the campaign on social to learn more about the sport and even witness some epic curling moves along the way,” Cheetos states.

“These are exciting times for all who are part of USA Curling, and the opportunity to join with Cheetos to rally America's support for curling is historic,” Rick Patzke, CEO of USA Curling, said in a statement. “Given this, we'll be happy to accommodate the occasional cleats, spotted fur and Cheetos dust on the ice.” Yeah, the Cheetos dust definitely isn’t a big deal: The players already have those brooms!