Cheesecake-Flavored Cool Whip Is a Real Thing You Can Buy

You can buy the new cheesecake-flavored Cool Whip at Walmart. 

Just in case you’re not getting enough dessert out of your dessert, Cool Whip has you covered: They’ve created a new version of their signature dessert topping in cheesecake flavor.

It’s currently stocked at Walmart, but there’s not much else that we know about it as of yet. Then again, what else do you need to know? It’s a whipped topping for your dessert that tastes like cheesecake. Sounds like a slam-dunk to us.

A reader at The Impulsive Buy spotted the iconic blue containers at a Walmart, and they do read “limited edition” so perhaps they won’t be around for long. The website doesn’t even list cheesecake flavor yet, but does mention a French Vanilla flavor – which, frankly, doesn’t sound nearly as indulgent.

If you’re thinking that a topping like this much be just a tad too rich to put on top of other desserts, apparently no-bake cheesecakes are sometimes made by mixing cream cheese and Cool Whip together and then pouring it inside a graham cracker crust. So perhaps those treats will taste even cheesecake-ier if you swap in this new flavor.

Let us also soothe your curisosity about how the concotion tastes: The folks over at the Today Show got a chance to try the cheesecake flavor (an idea that was apparently crowd-sourced by Cool Whip) all the way back in 2016 – before it was available to the public.

Their verdict? “The flavor was mild enough that it accented the creamy flavor of the whipped topping rather than dominating it.” While we're all for getting the most cheesecake for our buck, it's nice to know that not every weird mash up product has to be overpowering to get the point across.

Regarless, it's only going make anything you put it on all the more cheesecake flavored. What more motivation do you need?

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