Get ready for 2-inch thick menus Canada.

the cheesecake factory
Credit: © George Rose / Getty Images

Good news for Canadians who love large portion sizes, larger menus and seemingly endless of varieties of cheesecake: The Cheesecake Factory has announced it will finally be opening a location north of the US border—the casual dining chain’s first foray into Canada. Seriously, Canadians, you might want to start paging through that menu now. It’s a doozy.

Despite having nearly 200 locations—mostly in the US, but also in places as far flung as the United Arab Emirates and China—The Cheesecake Factory, which first opened in Beverly Hills in 1978, has yet to try a location in our northern neighbor. The brand can even be found in Mexico, so it would seem like it was about time. “For nearly 40 years, The Cheesecake Factory has been known for creating delicious, memorable experiences for tens of thousands of Canadians visiting the US,” company chairman and CEO David Overton said in a statement that almost begs the question, “Well, what took you so long then, dude?!” I mean, The Cheesecake Factory is fine and all, but I’m guessing Canadians would rather not have to cross the border to eat there.

As a number of media outlets have mentioned, the restaurant chain may have also earned a bit more cachet in Canada ever since Toronto-born rapper Drake name-checked Cheesecake in a song he released last year; he even featured a Cheesecake Factory-like restaurant in the song’s video. So probably fittingly, this first Canadian outpost will be landing at the Yorkdale Mall in suburban Toronto this coming fall—the kind of place you might expect to see some Drake fans congregating. Though it’s also possible that maybe The Cheesecake Factory finally realized that Canadians may have wanted the brand to open up a location in their country all along but were just too polite to ask.