We tried the take-home version of the restaurant chain's beloved bread.

If you’ve had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, you’ll know that it’s one of the most memorable dining experiences there is. When you first walk in the restaurant you’ll likely spot the glass case packed with cheesecake—a good omen that perhaps counter-intuitively, will have you looking forward to finishing your dinner. When you sit down at your booth, the waiter presents you with a menu that more closely resembles a short novel, packed with every dish imaginable: There are sliders, eggrolls, steaks, eggplant parmesan, calamari, and so much more that just choosing what to eat will take up the better part of your meal. Once you decide on your dinner, order one of the restaurant’s fruity, tropical cocktails, and settle in to your booth, one of the main highlights of the evening will likely arrive at your table: a basket of warm bread, Cheesecake Factory’s Famous Brown Bread, to be exact. It’s called "famous" for a reason: People are completely obsessed with this slightly sweet wheat bread.

Fans of The Cheesecake Factory will no longer have to stuff their pockets and purses with the leftover rolls because the restaurant is now selling the bread in grocery stores. It comes in three varieties: as heat and serve dinner rolls and mini-baguettes, and in pre-cut sandwich loaves. You’ll be able to take the bread home with you to serve at your own family dinners, and the restaurant promises that it tastes identical to the version that it serves at the restaurant. The Cheesecake Factory At Home also sells boxed cheesecake, cookie, and brownie mix, so you can recreate the restaurant’s entire experience in your own kitchen if you feel so inclined.

We had the chance to taste the Famous Brown Bread before it hit grocery stores, and it mostly lives up to its reputation. According to our staff, the bread does indeed “tastes exactly like at The Cheesecake Factory,” which means you’ll be bringing some of the restaurant’s atmosphere to your home, and that’s certainly part of its appeal. It has a super soft texture and takes like “sweet whole grain bread,” which would be perfect for French toast. Fans of the bread can try using it at their next at-home brunch party, on sandwiches for lunch, or as a simple side during family dinners, and bring the spirit of The Cheesecake Factory with them to every meal.