Plus Conan O'Brien in Belfast, robots that cook food on 'tumble dry low,' and the wrong way to eat a Kit Kat.
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The Internet is made of cats. Second only to felines, the Internet's composition is otherwise made up of food. Here are some of the funniest, coolest, and downright frustrating food moments online this week.

Cheese chasers take a tumble

I would do anything for cheese, but I won't do that. The annual event at Cooper's Hill near Gloucester, England is a centuries-old tradition involving rolling nine-pound wheels of Double Gloucester cheese down a hill. Then a crowd of risktaking locals and visitors alike run, roll, and tumble, their way chasing after it. He or she who gets to the finish line first wins the cheese. And the glory.

Cheesecake Mom's NSFW questions

I don't think I can stress enough how salty the language in this video is. It's f***ing salty. But when you hear this entrepreneur's gripes about dealing with customers' vague texts and nonanswers, you'd be pretty hopping made, too. The video, posted to Twitter by the woman's daughter, has racked up 4.4 million views. And I'm pretty sure everyone hates Ginger, now.

Break up with anyone who doesn't break up a Kit Kat

Twitter user Haley Byrd claims her boyfriend had never eaten a Kit Kat bar in his life, but when he was finally introduced to one he completely biffed the first bite. The unkosher eating method riled commenters who called for Byrd to dump him. That includes CNN anchor Jake Tapper.

Who knew robot chefs would involve so much tumbling?

Tech Insider takes us to the all-robot chef restaurant Spyce in Boston, where it looks like everyone's meal is being cooked in a laundromat dryer.

Conan O'Brien casually sipping a Guinness in Belfast

The host of Conan is known for his special travel episodes (check out his trip to Italy and these outtakes from an awkward wine tasting). Could his next jaunt be to Northern Ireland? Or is he just trying to enjoy a beer on vacation?