The Cheester Egg is comprised of spreadable blue cheese.
cheese egg
Credit: Jacqui Hurst / Jana Leon / Getty Images

Last year, British frozen food-focused supermarket chain Iceland made headlines by offering an interesting twist on the traditional Easter egg called a “Cheaster Egg”—an unconventional mix of white chocolate and cheese. But this year, the Walmart-owned U.K. grocery chain Asda is upping the dairy ante, selling its own “Cheester Egg”—an Easter egg made entirely of cheese without any hints of chocolate to hold it back.

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Credit: Courtesy of Butler’s Cheese

According to Jo Miller, Asda’s head of cheese, this twist on a classic Easter shape is just the latest in the brand’s continued commitment to making the holidays cheesier. “Following the incredible response to our Christmas cheese advent calendar, the Cheester Egg was the obvious next step to show our customers that we’re constantly listening and ensuring there’s something for everyone at Asda this Easter,” she said. The U.K.’s iNews pointed out that one recent statistic suggested that 60 percent of Brits prefer cheese over chocolate, so pushing the savory side of things is a sensible choice across the pond.

As for the egg itself, the Cheester comes courtesy of Bulters Farmhouse Cheeses which uses its Blacksticks Blue Cheese to create the new holiday treat. The egg also comes packed with its own sweet caramelized onion chutney and mini oatcake crackers, meaning this cheesy egg is actually more of a small cheese spread than just a hunk of cheddar. “We’re a nation of cheese fanatics, so we know consumers will love the Cheester Egg,” said James Clapham, commercial manager of Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses. “It’s an unexpected yet delicious twist on a traditional Easter favorite, and we can’t wait for Asda customers to enjoy our handmade quality blue cheese.”

However, here’s one tidbit that might disappoint Easter, egg and cheese fans alike. As freelance consumer journalist Harry Wallop revealed on Twitter, though the Cheester may look like a full egg from the front, once you open the packaging, the actual product is only half an egg. It’s not quite as bad as when you first discovered that those chocolate bunnies are hollow on the inside, but it’s close.