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The former "Cheers" and "Frasier" star is setting up shop on an old farm in upstate New York.

Mike Pomranz
Updated July 26, 2017

Growing up, I watched a lot more episodes of Cheers than Frazier. Maybe that’s why I prefer to think of Dr. Frasier Crane more as a barfly than a radio host. But for actor Kelsey Grammer’s latest real-life endeavor, his Cheers experience will certainly be more relevant: The former sitcom star has confirmed he’s opening a new brewery in New York state.

Rumors that Grammer was planning a brewery have been around for over a year now. Last March, Paul Leone, executive director of the New York State Brewers Association, posted a photo with Grammer to his social media accounts, writing, “Hey, look who's opening a brewery in New York State.” Those posts were eventually pulled, but this week, during an interview on Live with Kelly and Ryan, the Frasier actor spoke openly about the project.

“I’m starting a brewery,” he said on the show (stunning Kelly Ripa for some reason). “We’re working on it,” he continued. “It’s very hard because it’s in a watershed, so you have to do a lot of stuff for water treatment, waste disposal, all that stuff. And it’s important, so we’re doing that, so it’s taking a little while, so we’ve actually started the beer first, which will be released in a little while: Faith American Ale.” He said the first tasting was on July 21, though no public opening or release dates are mentioned.

The watershed issue stems from Grammer’s chosen location, a barn on a dairy farm in Margaretville, New York, that he used to visit as a child. He said he bought the land about 25 years ago and has been looking for ways to rehabilitate it. “It was such a prosperous place and then it really fell on hard times, Delaware County specifically,” he said in the interview, “and it’s been, I guess, the poorest county in New York state for a long, long time. And I always wanted to return this particular place to a sense of a thriving community place that would lift everybody up a little bit, so it’s coming.”

Though Grammer didn’t specifically mention the brewery’s name, in 2016, Leone said it was going to be called the Faith American Brewing Company, named after the actor’s youngest daughter, Faith Evangeline Elisa. At the time, Leone also said that “faith” is “a word that means a lot to him guiding his own life.” Along those lines, some may consider opening a brewery a bit of an odd choice: Grammer has had pretty public battles with alcohol and substance abuse in the past. At one point, the actor had even reportedly gone sober. But apparently beer (or at least making beer) is back in the Cheers actor's life.

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