We're not sure how this will go.

Credit: Courtesy of Red Lobster Seafood Co.

No matter where you feel Red Lobster fits in among the pantheon of ubiquitous casual dining chains, most millennials can at least conjure up a bit of warm nostalgia at the thought of the seafood joint’s signature Cheddar Bay Biscuits which were originally introduced as a popular pre-meal freebie back in 1992. (Personally, I’m more nostalgic for the pre-biscuit hush puppy days, but let’s not discuss how old I am.) Hoping to tap into that Cheddar Bay Biscuit enthusiasm, Red Lobster is launching a special promotion around the 25th anniversary of the cheesy biscuits, giving fans the opportunity to win a bunch of CBB swag, including a very unique offering—a new limited-edition Cheddar Bay Biscuit flavored lip balm.

Red Lobster isn’t the first brand to put its signature cheesy flavor into lip balm form. Cheetos lip balm was making people question their sensibilities back in 2005. But using unique flavors in unexpected products is always a good way to grab attention, especially when the results have the added appeal of being a potential collectable thanks to a limited release. Only 250 of these Cheddar Bay Biscuit lip balms are being given away—and of course getting your hands on one requires a catch: Interested lip balm addicts have to sign up for the Red Lobster Fresh Catch Club by 5pm ET on May 8 to qualify; random winners will then be selected from there. Other potential prizes include special t-shirts, CBB magnets and foam Cheddar Bay Biscuits (in case you have to root on Cheddar Bay Biscuits in some sort of sporting event, I suppose).

Sadly, with so few lip balms up for grabs, the odds of winning would seem to be a bit slim, but as a consolation prize, Red Lobster has also released some fun facts about the iconic biscuits to honor their silver jubilee. Did you know nearly 1 million CBBs are baked every single day? If they were stacked on top of each other, the resulting height would equal 137 Empire State Buildings! Granted, that fact isn’t nearly as fun as winning Cheddar Bay Biscuit lip balm, but few pieces of factual knowledge are. Like this un-fun fact: I’d never used the term “silver jubilee” before today.