By Clara Olshansky
Updated July 27, 2016
© Ben Gabbe/Getty Images

Want to know what you'd be eating if you were onboard the Titanic right now? Well, it turns out it would depend what kind of ticket you bought. These menus are actually from the Titanic, and you might not like what they reveal. Sure, the first class menus are in the finest of taste, with such offerings as Eggs a L'Argeneuil (butter-cooked eggs topped with cream and garnished with asparagus) and apple meringue pastry. But, if you weren't one of the lucky ladies and gentlemen twirling their pearls and tipping their top hats in first class, your food experience may have looked a little different. After all, the third class supper was literally just gruel, biscuits, and cheese.

Other first class offerings included Cockie Leeky, which, So Good Blog explains, is a chicken soup with leeks, potted shrimp cooked in spiced butter, salmon baked with mayonnaise, and a fried chicken dish. Second class fare was pretty standard, with menu items like curried chicken and American ice cream. The third class menu had some overlap with second and even with first (jacket potatoes), but there were way fewer offerings. And, again, the main course for supper was gruel. The stuff so bad that they'd serve it in cruel orphanages.

Of course, even with the outrage that these menus may inspire, it's hard not to enjoy their historical appeal. With their elegant letterheads, their way outdated modes of typesetting, and even the crackled texture of the paper, these menus are pretty cool. After all, they were the actual real live menus that Jack and Rose would have eaten from, even if Rose would have had the custard pudding while Jack choked down his gruel.