A tale of love and kale.

By Jillian Kramer
Updated July 18, 2017
kale bouquet for first date
Credit: Patrizia Savarese / Getty Images

Oh, the good ol' (fashioned) days when a date would arrive at your door bearing a bouquet of flowers. Those may be gone, but one sweet man has put his own twist on the tradition, arriving to pick up his date—on their second date—with bunches of kale from his garden.

That date, Reddit user rundarthmittens, couldn't wait to tell the tale on the discussion site, posting a picture of at least to leafy heads of kale along with this super-cute caption:

"I went on a first date the other day, and it came up that I was vegan," rundarthmittens wrote. "On the second date, he brought me a couple bunches of kale from his garden."

Cue some 80 comments, almost all praising the man for remembering the user's diet choice and bringing her something she could use and enjoy—not to mention something he grew.

"It's like getting flowers, but you can eat them!" wrote one commenter. That's really sweet," wrote another user. "Keep the guy. He cares enough about your diet, he wants you healthy and alive and cares about how you feel about certain subjects you take serious." Another commenter simply wrote, "marry him." (We say, at least give the dude a third date.)

If you want to steal this guy's smooth moves, you can bring a vegan—or foodie—a variety of produce that will surely catch his or her attention. Summer is the perfect time to present a date with cherries. Or, go the ol' (edible) flower route, with a bouquet of squash blossoms, dandelion greens, and a cluster of lavender, which is not only edible, but very fragrant.

Better yet, why not bring the edible arrangement, and then show off you cooking skills by making one of these five dishes with them—after all, a home cooked meal is one sure way to make your date really swoon.