A new study ranked the cheapest and most expensive pizza by city and state. 


Pizza, one of those foods that is nearly universally loved, is almost always worth the price. On the streets of New York, you can find places where a reliable slice will only cost you $1, while fancier restaurants elevate the classic dish with surprising ingredients (anything from figs to arugula to goat cheese). But maybe you’ve wondered where in America you could find the cheapest slice, or if your state ranks among the cheapest places to buy a pie.

Priceonomics, a “data studio,” analyzed data from a company called Datafiniti, which has digitized menus across the country, to find out which states have the most pizzerias and where pizza is the cheapest and most expensive. Priceonomics found that the “most pizza places [are] concentrated in the Northeast, particularly Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.” When the company looked at the city level, they found that Orlando, Florida has around 22 pizza places for every 100,000 residents—the most of any city in the country. New York City doesn’t even crack the top twenty-four—in fact, a different New York city, Buffalo, known for its very own style of pizza, came in second place.

In Maine and Alaska, you’ll only pay $7.25 for a large cheese pie, but that price can go up much higher. For instance, in North Dakota and Wyoming, a large cheese pizza costs around $13 or $14 dollars. The top three cities with the most expensive pizzas are Buffalo, Nashville, and San Francisco, where a large cheese pie could cost you nearly $15. Good news for people living in Lexington, Kentucky or Richmond, Virginia, though: The same pie costs as little as $6.

Unfortunately, Priceonomics doesn’t get into how the pizza in each state tastes, so feel free to speculate wildly when it comes to quality. Could it be that those $14 pies in Wyoming are actually higher quality? Or are they just overpriced versions of what you can get for less than half that in Kentucky? You won’t know until you visit. Sounds like it’s time for a pizza-themed road trip.