By Carey Jones
Updated May 16, 2014
Credit: Courtesy of Hominy Grill

Where: Hominy Grill, Charleston, SC

What: It's been five years since I ate a "Charleston Nasty Biscuit"--originally called the "Big Nasty"--down at Hominy Grill. But it made such an impression I can remember every detail: the fluffy, golden-edged biscuit; the crunchy, succulent piece of fried chicken inside; the cheddar cheese and sausage gravy that take it over the top.

Hominy Grill is all about unabashed comfort food, but made with a chef's ingenuity and finesse, and the Charleston Nasty is just that: drippy and indulgent and satisfying, but skillfully made, not just a guilty pleasure.

Wash it down with: There's nothing wrong with a Bloody or Mimosa, but the refreshing John Daly, with Firefly sweet tea vodka and lemonade, seems just right here.