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Credit: © Glico Japan

Finally, a treat New Year's-y enough to do the holiday justice—Champagne Pocky! That's right: Pocky, the cult favorite Japanese treat made of cookie sticks dipped in chocolate or some other sweet coating, has just released a delightfully New Year's flavor made with real Champagne. But don't worry, chocoholics. The coating is Champagne-flavored chocolate, so you'll still get your chocolatey Pocky fix.

In fact, it's not just Pocky that's getting this New Year's-friendly makeover. According to RocketNews24, the Champagne Pocky sticks will be almost one and a half times longer than your run of the mill stick of Pocky and will be 0.1% alcohol. Glico, the Japanese snack food company behind Pocky that also brought us other Japanese treats like Pretz and Pejoy, is giving three of its products a bubbly twist in time for our New Year's celebrations. They're also Champagne-ing out their Caplico crunchy chocolate cones and their Premio chocolate-covered almonds.

If you're excited about these boozed-out Pocky sticks, there are a few other flavors you might want to check out. For one thing, there are the classy as hell "Adult Amber" whiskey-flavored Pocky Sticks from this past October. Beyond that, you've also got some weirder options like men's pocky for, you know, that time when you and your bros hang want to go hard, get turnt, and enjoy some novelty Japanese sweets. If you're feeling a little more festive (or if you're not into bizarre and unnecessary constructions of masculinity), the DreamPocky rainbow mix might be more up your alley.

No matter which you choose, you've got to admit it's an exciting time to be a Pocky fan.