Wine is the latest topic to be tackled on pay-as-you-learn educational Web sites. One of the first such offerings comes from DigitalThink, a San Francisco outfit that specializes in training seminars for clients like Texas Instruments. And though the subject is treated with as much seriousness as other more corporate matters, happily the syllabus calls for class members to crack open a couple of bottles.

Added Attractions

Sable & Rosenfeld onions and olives soaked in vermouth add moxie to a martini ($17.95 for a set; 800-243-0852).


Riddling is an important step in removing sediment from Champagne. Bottles are placed in racks and then turned by hand or machine over weeks--or months--until they're upside down and the sediment has settled on top of the corks.

wine of the month:

the 1988 top-of-the-line Pommery Louise Champagne ($90), as elegant as she's well-bred.