The 'Black Panther' star joins a quartet of jazzy diners harmonizing their complaints.

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

It's always a little awkward—calling the manager of a restaurant over to your table to complain about sub-par food, a long wait, or, even more cringe-inducing, a bad waiter. Of course, some of us take our dining experiences very seriously, so we're a bit more vocal and a bit more, shall we say, up front with our complaints. Trying to find that sweet spot between politely passive and enraged entitlement can be a difficult task when all you really want is a refired entree or just to save future customers from a similar fate. So why not try singing? That's exactly what Black Panther star Chadwick Boseman did on this past weekend's Saturday Night Live.

In a sketch titled "Restaurant Complaint," the variety show's host of the week, Boseman, joins cast members Kenan Thompson, Kate McKinnon, and Cecily Strong as a group of diners enjoying their dinner. Or, at least, most of their dinner. After the entree course, the waiter approaches to ask if they're interested in dessert, but the foursome instead insists on speaking to the manager. When the manager arrives at the table and asks what the problem might be, the four friends turn into a vocal jazz quartet, recounting their meal experience a la The Manhattan Transfer.

It turns out, the singing diners didn't actually have a problem with the food ("The salad was cold and tuna was hot!") or the waiter, but rather the hostess, with Boseman punctuating each riff with a Louis Armstrong-style "oh yeah." (Why they wait until the end of the meal to bring this up is unclear, but hey, it's a sketch.) Their gripe is that hostess Angela—who they insist on calling Angelina for lyrical purposes—wasn't smiling when she seated them. Beyond that, the diners hope the old adage of "singing for your supper" will also pay off as they try to settle up the bill.

This isn't the only Boseman-based funny food clip to come out over the weekend. In a new trailer for Avengers: Infinity War, there's even talk of putting a Starbucks in Black Panther's fictional country of Wakanda.