It could be that cold cereal is on its way out.

Credit: © Malcolm MacGregor / Getty Images / Flickr Open

Americans are changing their breakfasting ways. According to Nielsen Analytics, cereal sales in the U.S. fell 2 percent last year. “Consumer values are changing, driven largely by the millennial generation who just think more about food,” General Mills CEO Ken Powell told CNNMoney. In place of that classic bowl of cornflakes, people are opting for a wider variety of healthier options, including Greek yogurt (which saw a growth of 4.6 percent in 2015), breakfast sandwiches, homemade smoothies and snack bars. However, there's one type of cereal on the rise: granola, which saw a sales increase of 16 percent.

In order to fight back against the decline in sales, some cereal companies are trying to rebrand as healthier. For example, Trix is replacing its artificial colors with natural ones and Cheerios recently went gluten-free. Others are trying a different tactic by trying to appeal to millennials through tastemakers and culture icons. General Mills recently ran a commercial for Cinnamon Toast Crunch directed by eccentric comedy duo Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. And Kellogg’s teamed up with Danny Bowien for a pop-up brunch at New York’s Mission Chinese. Bowien’s creations included Frosted Mini-Wheats with cashew butter and peanut milk, Corn Pops with bacon-infused soy milk and green tea-dusted Frosted Flakes.

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