Major Martini
On New Year's Eve, New York City drops the ball, and San Francisco drops the olive. At midnight, a giant olive will slide into a 10-story-tall martini on the roof of the Westin St. Francis hotel on Union Square, celebrating the city's claim to be the iconic cocktail's birthplace.

Magic Number
Michael Jordan returns to Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with 23, the new restaurant from his company Jump Higher--a feat that may prove difficult after eating 23's smoked short ribs (919-960-9623).

Haute Tote
Come the 31st, we'd like to be somewhere wonderful, preferably with two bottles of Champagne secreted next to the crystal flutes inside Asprey & Garrard's wine tote ($1,695; 800-883-2777).

Side Show
Miso, chorizo, truffles and galangal on one menu? Yes--at Side Bern's in Tampa, Florida, an offshoot of the classic Bern's Steak House. They call it One World Cuisine. We call it audacious (813-258-2233).

You might drive to dinner, but do you really want to make dinner while you drive? Samsung thinks so; it's developing a portable microwave that can run on direct current and may even plug into the cigarette lighter on your dashboard. Coming soon: the in-trunk wood-fired pizza oven (800-767-4675).