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If you were a gelato flavor, what would you be?

Morgan Goldberg
Updated June 02, 2017

National Ice Cream Month means many things to us: an excuse to eat at least a cone a day, a solid Instagram caption and now, the opportunity to turn ourselves into our own gelato flavors.

Since we’ve always felt we could express ourselves through ice cream, Talenti’s new Flavorize.Us site is right up our alley. All you need to do is connect one of your social media accounts to the site, pick an emoji to describe your real-time mood and click “Flavorize.”

The site then generates a unique flavor based on analysis of the words, photos, emojis and busyness of your social media account. With flavor profiles including salty, sweet, spicy, bitter and sour, the possibilities for your flavor are pretty diverse. We should know, considering we created and devoured the biggest Talenti sundae of all time.

So while I don’t know how I feel about my flavor being Rice Pudding Malt Ball, I’m all for eating as much ice cream and gelato as possible this month (and posting pictures of it on my Instagram).