It’s all about the veggies.

By Morgan Goldberg
Updated May 24, 2017
Vegetable Rainbow Salad
Credit: © Con Poulos

While National Eat Your Vegetables Day might sound like an excuse to force vegetables on children, Foursquare has taken the day as an opportunity to roll out its brand new vegetarian feature.

Foursquare, which you might remember as the check-in app (that’s now their sister app, Swarm), is a curated city guide app with information about where to go and what to do in cities around the world. Now, Foursquare has enabled users to adjust their profile settings to reflect their vegetarianism.

With the vegetarian profile settings, Foursquare brings the best places for vegetarians to the top of each search and highlights restaurants’ delicious meat-free dishes. This makes it extremely easy to eat out as a vegetarian or with your vegetarian friends.

If you can’t make it to one of Foursquare’s recommended veggie-friendly spots, check out some of our favorite vegetarian recipes to celebrate the day.