By Farrah Shaikh
Updated January 08, 2016
© Robbie Quinn

It is rare that an artist so deeply impacts and influences music in a way that transforms the way people think, hear and move. It is these generational artists that see all aspects of their lives devotedly followed, admired, analyzed and celebrated. Particularly birthdays. And today is the birthday of one such artist: Elvis Presley.

Beyond his music and acting career, Elvis lived an eccentric life. He was a black belt in karate; he once asked Richard Nixon to be designated a “Federal Agent-at-Large” (he never received this, but was made an honorary captain on the Denver police force); and he loved notoriously rich food like his favorite sandwich of peanut butter, bacon, banana and honey. In honor of the music legend on his birthday, Nashville restaurant 5th and Taylor has created an over-the-top, King-worthy dessert. The Elvis Pie, created by pastry chef Rachel De Jong and chef Daniel Lindley, is a take on the classic Moon Pie.

Layers of peanut butter and bacon praline, fresh banana slices, caramelized banana pastry cream and vanilla meringue are tucked between house-made graham cracker cookies, and the massive pie is then coated in dark chocolate. That same chocolate is used to create a near-perfect depiction of Elvis’s face on the plate.

Offered for $9, you can celebrate the King’s birthday every night—a worthy, sugary celebration. And hey, it’s better than celebrating the birthdays of less worthy candidates. (Justin Bieber’s birthday is March 1.)