Prepare for the poshest G&T you’ve had in a long time.
Credit: Tim Hawley/Getty Images

Gin has always been a bit of a hodgepodge. Yes, it helps if you have some juniper berries, but after that, the other botanicals can be a laundry list of all sorts of stuff (including racetrack turf). Meanwhile, as a country of gin lovers, the U.K. is often on the lookout for ever crazier items to enhance the spirit — from gin made with truffles to gin made with ants. (And that’s just from one company!) Now, gin spiked with a notoriously posh product has been introduced in England: Yorkshire’s Slingsby Gin has infused the spirit with caviar.

The caviar-infused gin, which goes by the name The Man Behind the Curtain Gin, was made in partnership with Leeds’ Michelin-starred restaurant, The Man Behind the Curtain. According to The Drinks Business, the “savory, unique and deliciously bold” booze will be served in cocktails at the restaurant such as with the French aperitif Lillet-Blanc to create a twist on a Martini or with Vichy Catalan tonic for a fancy gin and tonic — both alongside a spoonful of the same British-made Exmoor caviar used in the booze. Additionally, a “very limited” number of bottles will also be on sale at the restaurant for £100 (about $130).

Mike Carthy from Spirit of Harrogate, which owns the Slingsby Gin brand, praised The Man Behind the Curtain chef Michael O’Hare in explaining the partnership. “We’re huge fans of Michael’s creativity and unique menu creations, so it was an honor to be asked to create him such a distinctive gin,” Carthy said according to The Spirits Business. “The process of working with such strong and unique flavors was fun, and we’re very proud of the finished product.”

Meanwhile, O’Hare struck a similar tone. “Their product is already top quality and it was nice to have the opportunity to put our own stamp on it, and I cannot wait for our customers to try it,” he was quoted as saying. Though I hope it would be implied their product was already top quality: You definitely don’t want to be tossing caviar in crap gin!