On The Tonight Show, the actress blindfolded Jimmy Fallon and fed him a classic Australian burger, topped with beets. 
Cate Blanchett
Credit: NBC/Getty Images

This Memorial Day weekend, Americans around the country will fire up their grills to make an unreasonable amount of burgers. But Cate Blanchett wants us to know that there's a better way. On Thursday night, the Australian actress appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she stated her somewhat controversial burger opinions.

"I'm always disappointed by the American burger—you go in and there’s no beets," said the Oceans 8 actress. "There’s no caramelized onion, and there’s no egg."

So Blanchett blindfolded Fallon and fed him a burger topped with those classic Australian burger accoutrements, and we must say, it looked spectacular. (Key tip: Before putting the burger in Fallon's mouth, she slapped the top of the burger bun, so as to break the egg and let the yolk ooze out over everything. "That gets the egg going," she said, after a confident whack. )

"You forgets that beets in America are really important," said Blanchett, and it's true: We rarely eat beets on our burgers, and maybe we should start?

Blanchett also fed Fallon the meatless Superiority Burger, which she called "the thinking man's burger." Fallon, being the affable host he is, seemed to really approve of both, even though his suit gets covered in burger bits.

The segment progressively got stranger (though stayed on theme for Memorial Day) as Fallon and Blanchett participated in a beer chugging contest, using straws. The actress won, and we are very proud of her.

Superiority Burger is located in NYC at 430 E. 9th St. The grain-packed burger, which has developed somewhat of a cult following, is topped with Muenster cheese, lettuce, tomato and pickle and served on a soft sweet potato roll.