By Carey Jones
Updated April 02, 2015
Courtesy of The John Dory Oyster Bar

When chef April Bloomfield—of New York City's Spotted Pig, The John Dory Oyster Bar and more—thinks a sandwich is delicious, we should all sit up and pay attention. That's how we learned about the Carta di Musica on the bar snacks menu at John Dory.

The ultra-thin Sardinian sandwich—also beloved by globetrotting eater Anthony Bourdain—is made with a crisp flatbread, the dried salted fish roe bottarga and red chile: fishy-salty-spicy-crunchy all in one.

Bloomfield's story of how she discovered it, unsurprisingly, has us wanting to switch lives with her: "I first came across this dish when I was in Florida visiting the Hazans, [food world legends] Marcella and Victor. I was at a table full of nibbles, and the carta was one of the them. I picked it up while [food world legend No. 3] Fergus Henderson was busy chatting, and I had this kind of moment where I felt like the world stopped. It was the most amazing thing ever!"

The bread. The cracker's name translates to "sheet of music," and it's indeed that thin—crisp and crunchy. At John Dory, the crackers are made in-house.

The filling.We'll let Bloomfield explain: "Two sides of the carta are brushed with room temperature butter and sprinkled with sea salt. One side gets topped with a generous shaving of bottarga. The roasted strips of chiles are then placed on top, and the other butter-brushed carta then tops the sandwich."