The cake-inspired flavor is being served at the park's Pixar Fest celebration for a limited time.
Credit: Copyright: the Walt Disney Company

Disneyland is currently celebrating Pixar Fest—starting today through September 3, 2018—and in addition to giving fans a chance to interact with and enjoy the past 23 years of Pixar and Disney collaborations in person, the festival is also giving park-goers some unique Pixar-themed treats to snack on. Of course, one item Disney Parks are famous for are their churros which, while still available in the reliable cinnamon-sugar variety, have exploded into the delivery vehicle for some creative flavor-experimentation. We've seen s'mores churros, peppermint churros, sour watermelon churros, gold and rose gold churros, and even lightsaber churros. And that's in addition to the chocolate Coco churros and strawberry churros that are part of Pixar Fest. Now Disneyland has rolled two desserts into one, once again, with its Carrot Cake Churro, spotted recently by Instagrammer @everythingdisney.55.

The Carrot Cake Churro is rolled in orange cinnamon sugar and available in the New Orleans area of the park for $5.75. Of course, no carrot cake is complete without cream cheese icing and neither is this churro. It comes with a side of raisin-carrot cream cheese frosting for dipping.

For Toy Story fans, you'll want to hit Tomorrowland which is serving up a dessert item with a recognizable face. The little green men from the trilogy (soon to be quadrilogy) of the movies have been turned into adorable green macarons.

Credit: Copyright: the Walt Disney Company

Check out more of the Pixar Fest menu here.

For those of you who are more Disney World-adjacent, that park just released the menu of items soon to be available at the Woody's Lunch Box in the new Toy Story Land, which opens this June. S'mores French toast, anyone?

But back to Anaheim: Disneyland has another sweet treat longtime devotees will surely recognize. No trip to the Enchanted Tiki Room is complete without a serving of pineapple-flavored Dole Whip, but right now you can grab a swirl of Dole Whip in a "hole" new way: on a doughnut.