By Joey Skladany
Updated December 27, 2016
carnegie deli
Credit: © Snap Decision / Getty Images

In yet one more sign that 2017 can’t get here fast enough, another NYC icon takes its final bow this week.

Carnegie Deli, which opened its doors in 1937, will put the kibosh on its world-famous pastrami and cheesecakes on Saturday.

Plans to shutter the restaurant –– made famous by Woody Allen's Broadway Danny Rose –– were announced in late September. Despite a former dishwasher's attempt to save the institution, an intervention wasn't successful.

The Carnegie Deli name will live on through licensing deals in Las Vegas and Bethleham, PA, but nothing will compare to the experience of seeing a show and subsequently waiting on Seventh Avenue for a bite of their oversized sandwiches.

RIP Carnegie Deli and go to hell, 2016.