For one day only, show up in someone else’s uniform and score a burger half off.

carls jr
Credit: Courtesy of Carl's Jr.

The battle for fast food business has gotten pretty personal. Not that burger brands calling each other out is anything new. Wendy’s classic 1984 commercial “Where’s the beef?” went on to become one of the most famous advertising slights of all-time. But back then, rolling out a television spot took months of planning. Now, fast food joints can simply bicker back and forth on social media incessantly. And ironically enough, three decades later, Wendy’s newest claim to fame is as a top-flight Twitter troll. Where to find the “beef” these days is online.

So, never afraid of an over-the-top social media stunt, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s is the latest fast food giant to take a shot across all of its competitors’ bows. In a new campaign launched today, the two-burger-brands-in-one chain has announced that tomorrow—Wednesday, November 29—it’s offering its 50 percent off employee discount on any of its 100% Angus Charbroiled Thickburgers to competitors’ employees who show up in those other brands’ uniforms.

“We’ve got the best burgers in the business—even our competitors know it,” Carl’s Jr. claims in a Facebook post, so drop in wearing your McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s or whatever uniform, and Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s will give you its own employee discount.

Beyond the date, the only other restrictions included on the Facebook post are “Not valid with any other offer” and “One discount per customer.” So the burger chain doesn’t specifically state if they plan to vet customers’ actual employment status or whether you can just waltz in with a uniform you picked up at a secondhand shop and try to score yourself a burger discount. But then again, on social media, no one vets whether you’re actually the person in your profile picture so it would seem only fitting that Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s might be willing to take your word on whether you actually work at one of their competitors or not.