The chef and TV host is asked to save the day on the annual Nurses' Ball episode.
Credit: Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Getty Images

Carla Hall has been a TV star ever since her stint as a contestant on Top Chef season 5 (hootie hoo!) and more recently as the co-host of daytime cooking/lifestyle/talk show The Chew. But yesterday, Hall got to take her television career to a whole 'nother level as the chef made a guest appearance on the classic, 55-seasons-and-counting soap opera General Hospital.

It's the annual Nurses Ball in Port Charles and... well, that's about as much of the drama as I can get into without delving into literally thousands (14,000-plus, actually) episodes of backstory. All I know is some guy was trying to escape from a jail cell, some villainous-looking couple was all up on each other, and someone received a necklace that seemed to have a lot of significance. Oh and there's a llama.

But back to the ball. Olivia has attempted to plan the event perfectly, but she's forgotten that the Metro Court Hotel's chef had other plans that evening. She asks Chef Hall, fittingly playing the Quartermaines' cook, to be a last-minute ringer for the ball. Hall is in no mood to clean up Olivia's mess, telling her to cook all the food herself. But Hall isn't completely heartless, so will she step in and save the day (or at least the dinner)? Watch the entire episode on Hulu and "swear on your favorite skillet" not to spoil it for your fellow Hall fanatics who haven't seen it yet.

Hall also filmed a short behind-the-scenes video to show us backstage at General Hospital and talk about how stoked she was to be on set.

Hall was no stranger to the camera before Top Chef, however, as the 5-foot, 11-inch tall chef used to work as a model. And, of course, she knows how to perform. Hall recently ran the show as host of the James Beard Awards ceremony in Chicago earlier this month. Sure, she's a big enough star already but could Hall have Hollywood in her sights? Hey, if Emeril can have a sitcom, surely Hall could star in her own show!