Tropical trips that incorporate cacao plantations and chocolate factories with lodges and villas.
Caribbean Escapes for Chocolate Lovers


Stay at Laluna’s luxe beachfront villas. Visit Grenada Chocolate Company’s solar-electric-powered factory, which produces organic bars from locally grown beans (


At Cotton Tree Lodge, guests harvest cacao pods, make their own chocolate and learn about fair-trade issues from members of the Toledo Cacao Grower’s Association

St. Lucia

Book a rustic cottage at Fond Doux Estate’s cacao plantation in Sofrière. Tour Rabot Estate, where U.K.–based Hotel Chocolat grows beans for its Purist line (


Best Small Eco-Lodges

Best Small Eco-Lodges in Latin America

silky chocolate mousse with peanut butter crunch
Credit: © Con Poulos

Milk-Chocolate Desserts