The boxer briefs are specially designed to give you a leg up while commanding the bedroom.
captain morgan
Credit: Courtesy of Captain Morgan

Captain Morgan is letting you chart new territory this Valentine’s Day with a tantalizing addition to the rum maker’s exclusive apparel line.

What we wear on Valentine’s Day can determine whether our romantic plans sink or swim. From our socks to our tops to our ties, it’s imperative that you get the perfect and plan-appropriate outfit together. That can be a challenge when you’re trying to balance looking nice with being comfortable, especially at night’s end. For those who still want to be a little dressed up while they dress down during the holiday of love, you can spice up your life with a little help from the rum brand’s specially designed pair of “posepants.”

But what are posepants? The concept is both slightly weird and entirely convenient for those looking to show off a little “extra leg” to their partners. Designed with the Captain’s iconic pose in mind, the boxer briefs are perfect for when a rogue barrel rolls on by. The pair of comfy and soft underwear come in the iconic Captain Morgan’s signature red with the famous sword logo on one leg, as well as a black elastic waistband bearing the captain’s name and a “Live Like A Captain” message.

These fun and strange underpants, otherwise known as #MyCaptains, encourage you to follow the words of your waistband through their pose-perfecting design. While one leg is fitted to cover part of your thigh (like a pair of boxers), the other is designed like a brief—making it easier for you to strike your captain’s pose. The underwear lets you woo your partner (by way of lust or laughter) without getting your knickers in a twist.

captain morgan boxer briefs
Credit: Courtesy of Captain Morgan

The posepants come in both men’s and women’s sizes, from small to extra large in women’s and medium to 2XL in men’s. You can purchase them for $24.95 online in the Captain Morgan apparel store.