Only five “Leg Up Lamps” will be available for sale to the public.
Captain Morgan Leg Lamp
Credit: Courtesy of Captain Morgan

No lamp says Christmas like one with a base that looks like a woman’s leg in a fishnet stocking. Before 1983, that sentence wouldn’t make a lick of sense. And frankly, if you’ve never seen the film A Christmas Story, you’d probably still be confused today. But the purposely garish lamp plays such a prominent role in that seasonal ‘80s classic that pretty much any leg-shaped lamp now gets dubbed “A Christmas Story lamp,” and recreations of the original leg lamp from the movie are popular gifts to this day.

With all that in mind, when Captain Morgan set out to design an “absurd” and “ridiculous” (their words, not ours) limited-edition gift for the holidays, the spiced rum brand came up with its own “bright” idea. Captain Morgan’s eponymous mascot is known for his iconic leg-up-on-a-barrel pose (as seen on every bottle), so the company decided to take his signature bottom-half and turn it into its own “Leg Up Lamp.” The resulting life-size leg-shaped lamp weighs a whopping 40 pounds!

“Captain Morgan brings the fun to everything he does, and this holiday season is no exception,” said Linda Bethea, Vice President for Captain Morgan. “Standing at 4 ½ feet tall, this lamp’s left leg proudly sports the iconic Captain Morgan pose. I guarantee those ‘hard to shop for’ and ‘literally have everything' friends don’t own anything like this lamp.”

That being said, buying this lamp as a quirky Christmas gift for a friend will probably prove difficult. Only five of these extremely limited-edition light fixtures will be made available to the public, and each one will retail for $499. Regardless of price, seeing as they are so unique, it’s possible they might sell pretty fast. According to Captain Morgan, the lamps will go on sale on December 13—first come, first serve—available exclusively at If this is a must-have item on your Christmas shopping list, you may want to settle in in front of your computer with a bottle of rum to calm your nerves and get your online shopping finger ready.