Cap'n Crunch Has His Own Houseboat and You Can Win a Two-Night Stay Aboard This Summer

The Cap'n's Quarters are decked out with cereal-themed details and Crunchberry plants.

The outside of the Cap'n's Quarters
Photo: Courtesy of Cap’n Crunch

When it's, like, two in the afternoon and you have a lengthy (and mostly uncompleted) To-Do list, and there are dozens of things that should be occupying your mind, do you ever find yourself thinking about, like, what kind of regiments or ships Cap'n Crunch is in charge of? (And that's after you willingly ignore the fact that he may not be an actual Captain.)

If you do, you're not alone: apparently the people at Quaker Foods think about this kind of thing too. That has to be why they've launched a contest to find the kind of Cap'n Crunch superfan who'd like to learn the Latin name for Crunchberries, who wants to know how a dog can perform the duties of First Mate, and who deserves a two-night stay aboard a houseboat that they're calling The Cap'n's Quarters.

One lucky Crunch fan can win two consecutive nights onboard Cap'n Crunch's houseboat — which happens to be docked in Boston for the summer — and they can bring three guests along with them. The winner will also pick up a $2,000 bank gift card, which is only slightly less exciting than the part about staying on the boat where the Cap'n lives "when he's not adventuring across the seas."

"We know people are eager for fun experiences this summer, especially after a year and a half of deferred plans," Kristin Kroepfl, the Vice President and CMO for Quaker Foods North America, said in a statement. "Now that people are starting to return to their normal routines, we want to show up for Crunch fans in a fun way, bringing adventure to the breakfast table and beyond. What better way to do that than by letting them stay inside the Cap'n's home away from home and 'Be the Cap'n' for a few nights."

The inside of the Cap'n's Quarters
Courtesy of Cap’n Crunch

The houseboat is decorated in a blue and yellow color scheme that will look familiar to anyone who's bought a box of Cap'n Crunch recently, and the decor is (cereal) box fresh, with artificial Crunchberry plants, a framed photo of the Cap'n's possibly under-qualified first mate, Sea Dog, and it has plenty of thematically appropriate details, including a C-for-Cap'n shaped lamp and a Cap'n's hat-shaped headboard.

The guests will also have a chance to learn more about the man behind the myth, by studying the personal items that are scattered throughout the cabin, like the Cap'n's high school diploma, some yellowed news clippings from the Sea of Milk Daily, and some info about his travels on-board his ship, the S.S. Guppy. (And yes, the cabinets are filled with several varieties of Cap'n Crunch cereal.)

The kitchen in the Cap'n's Quarters
Courtesy of Cap’n Crunch

To enter for the chance to win a two-night stay surrounded by the Cap'n's stuff, Crunch fans who are 25 and older just need to upload a photo or video at The Cap'n's Quarters website, and that pic or clip should show what makes you the ultimate Cap'n Crunch fan. Entries must be received before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, August 1, and the staycation on the houseboat will be scheduled between Monday, August 9 and Tuesday, August 17. (Transportation to Boston is not included in the prize — but that two-grand gift card could theoretically be used to cover some of that cost.) No purchase is necessary to enter, and the Cap'n's people are reminding everyone that entries should be "family friendly and respectful."

Well, looks like "Try to impress Cap'n Crunch" just got added to the To-Do list.

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