Credit: © Ethan Covey

Is shoving candy in your face like a sugar-addicted schoolchild just not cutting it for you anymore? As an adult, you really should ingest your sweets in a more high-minded manner.

Lee Manne, owner of Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe, agrees, which is why she offers candy sushi-making classes. For just $35, you can drop in and learn how to turn ordinary candy into a classy, Japanese-inspired treat. For those who aren’t able to make it to NYC, though, she recently spoke with Cosmopolitan to give out some of her candy sushi secrets.

Looking to make candy nigiri? Instead of sushi rice, make your base out of Rice Krispie treats. Replace the fish with Swedish fish. And then, in lieu of seaweed, hold it all together by wrapping it with Fruit by the Foot. For additional adhesive, dab on a little bit of Marshmallow Fluff. It’s almost too easy!

What about making maki? It’s a similar concept: Cut out some long Rice Krispie treat strips and roll in a candy of your choice (Manne suggests a bit of Rainbow Twist). Once again, finish with Fruit by the Foot to replace what would typically be seaweed.

Manne also provides her sweet versions of gunkan maki and hand rolls, as well as plating techniques—replace edamame with green jelly beans, ginger with grapefruit candy and wasabi with lime fruit chews. If you’re looking to class up your candy consumption, this certainly seems like a good way to do it. Or you can just keep eating your candy the old-fashioned way: while no one is watching.