You Could Be This Company's Next 'Chief Candy Officer' and Pull in $100K

The sweet job offer is apparently open to anyone, ages five and up.

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"Earn Six Figures Eating Candy" looks like a phrase you'd see printed on one of the fluorescent yellow flyers that are attached to light posts at high-traffic intersections, right beside the ones that say "WE BUY HOUSES." The biggest difference is that you might want to contact the people responsible for this candy thing.

Candy Funhouse, an Ontario-based online candy company, claims that you can "earn six figures eating candy" if you go to work for them. A job posting seeks to hire a Chief Candy Officer, and that the company is willing to pay someone an annual salary of $100,000 to help them select the candy they sell and "deciding whether or not to award each treat with the official CCO (Chief Candy Officer) Stamp of Approval".

According to a Candy Funhouse press release, eligible candidates must be at least five years old (no, really) and live somewhere in North America. The company says that the position can be remote, but Ontario and New Jersey residents have the option of working from the company's Toronto and Newark offices, respectively.

Candy Funhouse adds that the chosen candidate will be put through "extensive palate training" and that applicants should have "golden taste buds [and] an obvious sweet tooth." A listing for the position on LinkedIn says that the responsibilities involve taste testing "3500+ products" every month, approving the site's candy inventory, leading the "FUNhouse Candy Strategy" and running "candy board meetings." The LinkedIn page also stipulates that those interested in the position should be "fluent in English" and free of any food allergies.

"Here at Candy Funhouse we're all about FUN, and who better to set our FUNhouse strategy than someone that is a real candy fanatic," Candy Funhouse CEO Jamal Hejazi said in a statement. "Whoever lands this position better be ready for the ride of their lives, and to have chocolate flowing through their veins. I'm thrilled for all the candy adventures we have planned!"

So is this for real? Candy Funhouse insists that it is. "This is an actual job and is building on the Candyologists we currently have on staff," a Candy Funhouse spokesperson told Food & Wine. "If you stand out, you will be selected for an interview just like any other job position. It is based on merit, not a random selection sweepstake."

And yes, this position is open to literal kindergarteners, and anyone else who's hit their fifth birthday. "Children have the most creative and imaginative minds, with some of the most out of the box ideas and that's exactly what we're looking for here at Candy Funhouse," the spokesperson added. "In tough economic times, our community continues to fuel us in reimagining the way candy can bring people together."

Candy Funhouse is also looking for applicants for three other jobs, including a "Social Media Personality," Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Copywriter, and a Shopify Developer — and all of those seem like more traditional jobs (and by 'traditional' we mean that they're not open to five year olds).

If you want to give this a shot, then you can apply at or through LinkedIn. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, August 31.

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